Scissor lifts, aerial platforms and automated guided vehicle systems

Quality Made in Germany and innovation "Made in Upper Swabia" are an integral part of the scissor lifts and aerial platforms of Weiss GmbH. We mass-produce scissor lifts with working heights of 6.0 - 20.0 m. These scissor lifts can of course be supplemented and extended with our custom designs to our customers' wishes and special requirements. In addition, we develop and produce automated guided vehicles with a carrying capacity up to 100 tons.

Scissor lifts

We mass-produce scissor lifts with working heights from 6.0 to 20.0 m high. In addition to using wheel drives and caterpillar drives (caterpillar platforms) we also produce scissor lifts with Mecanum wheels (YouTube clip).

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Automatically guided transport systems

Transport systems for very heavy items within the production process (production halls). Heavy-duty transport systems with up to 100-ton capacity are possible!

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Custom scissor lifts

We manufacture scissor lifts for special customer requirements such as high carrying capacity, special surfaces, special environments (semiconductor technology, pharmaceuticals, etc.), restricted manoeuvrability...

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Scissor lifts, aerial platforms and automated guided vehicle systems for special requirements.

The Weiss scissor lifts form the basis of our product range. Weiss company fulfils extremely varied customer requirements based on this range or by creating individual designs. The aim is to provide customers with a practicable solution for special challenges and to ensure the customer gets the desired use out of his product. The custom design scissor lifts that have already been put into practice are very varied. In addition to accessories for the existing mass-produced aerial platforms (e.g. larger platform, special railings...) we also developed custom machines specifically designed for the customer's requirements. A number of designs were the result of a combination of scissor lifts, automated guided vehicles and rail vehicles!