Automatically guided transport systems

Transport systems for very heavy parts within production processes (production halls). Heavy-duty transport system models possible up to more than 10 ton capacity! Optimal manoeuvrability in confined spaces. Weiss GmbH - manufacturer of automated guided vehicles.

Automated guided vehicles,
custom designs

Special transport system for ICE manufacturing
Capacity: 5 tonnes and 10 tonnes
Lift height: 1,000 mm
Platform: 3,000 x 1,500 mm
Steering: 2-wheel or 4-wheel

Transport systems with small dimensions and high carrying capacities

Special requirements regarding lift height and manoeuvrability
Capacity: according to customer requirements (here 10 tonnes)
Lift height: 1,800 mm
Platform: 4,000 mm x 2,000 mm
Steering: 2-wheel or 4 wheel
Special safeguards

Technical information on transport systems

Within the scope of special operating conditions special automated guided vehicles can greatly simplify and facilitate production. Especially when heavy individual components have to be assembled or moved.

Automated guided vehicles are designed based on customer requirements. Mostly there are special requirements regarding agility and manoeuvrability, carrying capacity, lift height, low overall height....

We want to meet these needs. Special 2-wheel or 4-wheel-drives or a Mecanum drive guarantee the extremely high manoeuvrability of the transport system, so that the driverless transport system can be used even in a small space.

Carrying capacities of 5 tons, 10 tons or more can be implemented easily. Our aim is to adapt the options available to us to your needs - and so far we have been able to meet all requirements.

Automated guided vehicles with Mecanum drive!

Weiss GmbH Transportation by Mecanum Wheel Drive

Automatically guided transport systems

Weiss GmbH Transportation by 4-Wheel-Drive and 4-Wheel-Steering

Fahrerloses Transportsystem mit Mecanum Antrieb.

Weiss GmbH Transportation by Mecanum Wheel Drive

Automated guided vehicles with a technical feature - Mecanum wheels!

Dimensions: 3,600 mm x 3,000 mm x 450 mm
Platform size: 2,600 mm x 2,000 mm
Weight: 8,000 kg
Carrying capacity: 16 tons

The transport systems can be adapted to the respective requirements of the operating conditions and production environment. The Mecanum wheels are a special design that allows for almost unlimited manoeuvring. The setup on top of the Mecanum wheels may take the form of an aerial platform, a transport platform.... depending on the customer’s requirements. Whatever solves the problem determines the model!

The execution and design possibilities of automated guided vehicles are manifold.

For Weiss the customer's specifications are paramount - whether special space restrictions, operational environments, extraordinary surfaces or special regulations play a role, Weiss will find or develop a professional, reliable and above all workable solution!