Custom scissor lift for cleanroom requirements

SAB AQUA Model A - custom design

The Aqua model is also available in these models of the popular and well-known A series. The well-known narrow and manoeuvrable model can find its way even when space is limited and can therefore be used ideally during normal operation. The slim construction makes passing through doors, for example, easy and as it is a “lightweight" its floor loading is minimal.

SAB A Aqua available with working heights from 6.60 m to 10.20 m


The answer to your cleanroom requirements!


Special pure water-based hydraulic system!

Benefits of SAB AQUA scissor lifts model A

  • No outgassing of siloxanes
  • Use of chrome-nickel steels
  • High quality surface finish
  • Use of pure water hydraulics
  • No use of oil or lubricants 

Specially designed components

A selection of components adapted to the requirements of cleanrooms, these were partly designed especially for this purpose.

Optimum surface

High quality and durable surface finish!

Water hydraulics - aka "AQUA"

No use of oil or lubricants! AQUA stands for unique pure water hydraulics!

"Precious" materials

Use of high quality materials. Components and parts made of stainless steel and chrome-nickel steels.

Scissor lifts SAB AQUA models

SAB AQUA model A
SAB AQUA model B

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Special equipment

Lighting // Collision protection systems // Anti-slip coatings // Special driving systems // Cleanroom requirement // Explosion control // Extreme temperature conditions // Lightweight construction // Compressed air and power supply

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