Scissor lift custom designs SAB AQUA - for your cleanroom requirements

The idea for ​​the Aqua platform is based on the principle that solutions should be highly usable for our customers as well as simple and easy to implement. Weiss has proven this with the Aqua series of scissor lifts! In particular environments questions are often asked regarding "adaptation". The Aqua platform from Weiss will spare you this process. This platform can be integrated into your cleanroom environment without further adjustments and you can use them during regular operations without restrictions. Completely forgoing oil and lubricants, using water-based hydraulic systems as well as specially designed components make the custom design of this aerial platform a solution that is fully operational in cleanroom environments. This is how Weiss did justice to the principle of always finding the best solution for its customers!

Weiss Aqua platform - adapted to cleanroom requirements! Available in the standard production models SAB A and B.

Scissor lift SAB AQUA model A

The design is similar to the basic A series with these well-known advantages: narrow, agile and slim!

Working heights up to 10.2 m
Platform size: 0.78 m x 1.9 m
Carrying capacity: up to 300 kg

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Scissor lift SAB AQUA model B

The design is similar to the basic B series with these well-known advantages: robust, durable and versatile!

Working heights up to 13.7 m
Platform size: 1.14 m x 2.5 m
Carrying capacity: up to 500 kg

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Benefits of SAB AQUA scissor lifts

  • No outgassing of siloxanes
  • Use of chrome-nickel steels
  • High quality surface finish
  • Use of pure water hydraulics
  • No use of oil or lubricants 

The current production conditions require the development of an optimized production environment. Cleanroom conditions are demanded more and more - and not only in electronics, pharmaceuticals or optics. The high standards that are set for precision and perfection require a low-particle environment. For installation, maintenance and recurring work, there is an increasing demand to simplify the work in cleanrooms, i.e. by equipping them with suitable devices. Current solutions and products for conveyor and hoisting systems generally do not meet these requirements. The use of appropriate materials and compliance with regulations represents a special challenge. Just the thing for the specialist in custom solutions - Weiss GmbH. The demands and the challenge presented by the customer was to solve exactly this problem, i.e. to devise a lift that complies with cleanroom requirements. 

Specially designed components

A selection of components adapted to the requirements of cleanrooms, these were partly designed especially for this purpose.

Optimum surface

High quality and durable surface finish!

Water hydraulics - aka "AQUA"

No use of oil or lubricants! AQUA stands for unique pure water hydraulics!

"Precious" materials

Use of high quality materials. Components and parts made of stainless steel and chrome-nickel steels.

Weiss GmbH, a leading manufacturer of scissor lifts and innovative custom solutions in the field of material handling and lifting technology, faced this challenge with a unique response. The scissor lifts designed for cleanroom applications meet the requirements of a cleanroom environment. Consistently foregoing lubricants and oils is only the basis of this custom solution. The components that were specially developed in-house for this purpose such as bearing shells, stainless steel components, and a pure water-based hydraulic system provide additional benefits that are useful across different industries. It was possible to integrate the cleanroom design fully into the standard version, so that working heights up to 13.7 m are possible. All models in the A and B series can be manufactured as a cleanroom platform.