Custom scissor lifts and special equipment for scissor lifts

These days wishes and requirements - whether regarding specific security issues, space requirements, the working environment or special uses - are becoming more specific. The aim is that the Weiss aerial platform is easily and appropriately integrated into an existing system - and not vice versa. Whether the requests are large or small - the advantages and the generated use determine the decision to purchase an aerial platform. What counts for us is that our customers see the added value and are satisfied with their solution. Demanding or unusual requirements are found in all sectors and industries. In the past, the following topics were most prominent:

  • Occupational health and safety (e.g. additional safeguards on the railings, sensor technology for collision protection, extensive cushioning...)

  • Operational environment (e.g. temperature fluctuations, extreme hot/cold temperature, cleanroom environment, explosion control, fire protection)
  • Space requirements (e.g. rail-guided solutions, omni-directional movability, enlarged platform)

  • Application requirements (e.g. carrying capacity, height)

Examples of custom scissor lifts

Custom order
"Carrying capacity"

Custom order
"Diesel engine"

Custom order

Custom order
"Space requirements"

Examples scissor lifts and equipment

Special equipment
"Wide platform"

Special equipment


Special equipment
"Ultrasonic sensor"

Special equipment
"Collapsible railing"

Special equipment
"Hazard notes"

Special equipment
"Collision avoidance"

Special equipment
"Control panel"

Occupational health and safety

Special lighting on the scissor lift (e.g. aerodrome operations, requirements of internal security policies on site)

Special protective measures (padding of railing parts and the front/back of the undercarriage, collision protection system in the form of ultrasonic sensors, anti-slip coating on the platform)
Special warnings on the aerial platform(according to the standards of the German Federal Armed Forces and/or airport operations regarding acoustic signals)


Lack of space (four-edge drive/steering system for space-saving use, Mecanum wheels)
Storage systems (rail-guided platforms)
Cleanroom (aqua platform with water-hydraulics)
Explosion protection (aerial platforms with special encapsulation for explosion control according to the applicable IP standards, e.g. for airports, underground mining)
Temperature (Range of application -30°C to 50°C)
Underground (Caterpillar platform for low point loading)


Fixtures on the scissor lift (additional compressed air and power supply directly on the platform)
Work area (longer extensions, extensions with recesses)
Capacity (automated guided vehicles for ICE manufacturing in China)
Net weight of the scissor lift (light version - SAB B-137 L - because of transportation options)

Custom solution "mecanum drive"

Scissor lift with mecanum drive

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