Rough terrain scissor lift SAB AR-90 with caterpillar drive (caterpillar treads)

Despite its small size this series of Weiss caterpillar aerial platforms provides the same working heights that are required of "normal" aerial platforms. Its range of application is extended by the caterpillar treads and the associated low point loading. With a working height of 9.20 m this caterpillar platform can be used for nearly any application indoors!

Working height up to 9.2 m / Platform size: 0.78 m x 1.9 m / Carrying capacity: up to 200 kg


Optionally with hydraulic support for use on edges or slopes.

Benefits of scissor lifts SAB AR with caterpillar drive

  • Caterpillar platform complies with DIN 18032 and is approved for gym floors with a loading limit of <5 kN / m2.
  • Caterpillar platform is suitable for all building floors due to the low surface loading.
  • Caterpillar treads are non-marking - no visible rubber marks on indoor surfaces!
  • Track width of 0.83 m hydraulically extendable to 1.30 m - high stability!
  • The caterpillar platform has a working height of 10.50 m
  • Models approved for external use
  • Easy operation with the highest level of safety
  • International patent protection

Scissor lifts made to order

Working in limited space, extreme working heights, larger working platforms, special platform surfaces that the larger point loads of scissor lifts cannot withstand. Weiss GmbH technology for conveyor and hoisting systems produces small series of aerial platforms that are tailored to your needs.

Raupenarbeitsbühne SAB AR-99


The use of aerial platforms on surfaces that cannot withstand the point loading of conventional devices can be made a reality with caterpillar platforms. The caterpillar aerial platforms with their weight-distributing caterpillar treads are used particularly indoors on gym floors or even special stone coverings. The special abilities of the caterpillar aerial platform are also put to good use when crossing rough terrain.


Specific work environments take their toll on everything, including the equipment. The different safety standards in use must also be applied to the scissor lifts or transport devices. This may involve special temperature ranges or fluctuations, cleanroom environments or requirements regarding collision protection or explosion control standards.

Space requirements

In all areas of production the dimensions are designed to ensure optimal use of production factors. For example, with warehouse logistics the priority is using the available space in the best possible way - and this affects the requirements regarding vehicles, aerial platforms or transport equipment. Whether guided by rails, sensor-controlled or with a low turning radius - we will find an appropriate solution for our customers!

Technische Daten Scherenbühnen, Raupenarbeitsbühnen SAB AR-90

Arbeitshöhe der Raupenbühne 9,3 m
A.Plattform ausgefahren 7,3 m
B.Plattform eingefahren 1,26 m
C.Plattform – Geländerhöhe 1,1 m
D.Durchfahrtshöhe der Raupenarbeitsbühne 2,35 m
E.(Geländer heruntergeklappt) 1,90 m
F.Plattformgröße 0,83 m x 1,9 m
G.Plattformerweiterung 0,8 m
H.Gesamtbreite/H1 0,83 m/1,3 m
I.Gesamtlänge/mit Abst. (1) 2,10 m/2,40 m
J.Standfläche je Seite 1,6 m x 0,23 m
K.Bodenfreiheit der Raupenbühne 80 mm
Tragfähigkeit Innenbereich 200 kg, 2 Pers.
Tragfähigkeit Außenbereich 200 kg, 1 Pers.
Tragfähigkeit der ausschiebbaren Plattform 200 kg
Maximale Neigung 2,0 Grad
Gesamtgewicht/mit Abst. 1.810 kg/1.960 kg
Hebe-/Senkzeit 50/39 sec.
Geschwindigkeit, eingefahren 0 – 4 km/h
Geschwindigkeit, ausgefahren 0 – 1 km/h
Steigfähigkeit der Raupenarbeitsbühne 100 %/45 Grad
Steuerung proportional
Antrieb der Raupenbühne elektr./hydr.
Wenderadius innen/außen 360 °
Gummikette 230/72/56
Batterie 24 V (8x6 Volt DC) GiS 200 Ah/5h, GiS 240 Ah/20h
Batterieladegerät 30 A
Optional Hydraulische Abstützung für Geländeeinsatz

(1) Länge inklusive Leiter
(2) max. Steigfähigkeit nur mit Sicherung der Maschine

Rough terrain scissor lifts SAB AR models

SAB AR-102

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