Scissor Lifts

Scissor Lifts from Weiss cover a wide range in terms of size, carrying capacity and working height. Moreover, some custom scissor lift solutions turned into larger series, such as the scissor lifts on caterpillar treads and scissor lifts for cleanroom requirements. Custom solutions for customer requiring small or large deviations from the basic series are easily made to order. Tell us what your "thing" is - we’ll find the perfect solution!

scissor lifts

These days wishes and requirements - whether regarding specific security issues, space requirements, the working environment or special uses - are becoming more specific. Our aim is that Weiss aerial platforms are easily and appropriately integrated into an existing system - and not vice versa.

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Scissor lifts
SAB A models

Working height up to 10.2 m!
The lightweight and slim version of Weiss scissor lifts! Allows safe operation at six to ten meters’ height. Solid design and highest quality standards guarantee a long life-cycle and trouble-free use of the scissor lift.

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Scissor lifts
SAB B models

Working height up to 13.7 m!
The SAB B-137 and the new SAB B-137 L models of this more robust design are most usually found in the field. Ariel platforms with higher working heights are becoming necessary because warehouses and high-bay warehouses are being built increasingly high.

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Scissor lifts
SAB C models

Working height up to 20.0 m!
The C series of scissor lifts is quite something to behold. The "giant" of the Weiss aerial platform series makes allowances for higher requirements in two senses of the word.

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Custom scissor lifts
SAB AQUA models

This series of custom scissor lifts allowed the Weiss company to do justice to the idea that ​​"the aerial platform adapts to the environment ". The special production requirements of cleanroom environments resulted in the design of the cleanroom, aka Aqua, models.

These kind of requirements are often made in the fields of electronics, pharmaceuticals and optics. The aerial platform can be added to a system without alterations, special packaging or removing the "cleanroom status" of the area and does not affect or disturb the environment in any way.

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Rough terrain scissor lifts
SAB AR models

Almost identical to the A series, our caterpillar drive scissor lift has all the advantages of a small and manoeuvrable aerial platform. The scissor structure on caterpillar treads is what makes this series unique. The special features of this platform are

  • fantastic climbing performance,
  • space-saving manoeuvrability,
  • low floor loading!!

Due to these outstanding features, the Weiss caterpillar platform meets many special requirements.

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